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Pre-Release Book Endorsements: March with Me

Like a tornado, the civil rights movement struck Birmingham, Alabama in April 1963. In this coming of age novel, two girls, one black and one white, enter into the pain and prejudice of segregation in separate ways. The girls mature and pursue the same profession until one fateful day when a force of nature sweeps in and rearranges their lives.

"March with Me" is already receiving rave reviews from our pre-release readers. Below are a few endorsements we've received. Please stay tuned and watch for our book release and trailer video scheduled for March 2013.

“A realistic, authentic, and compelling narrative of a crucial period in our nation’s history (about) brave young people who changed the world.”

- Mrs. Colin Powell, Daughter of R. C. Johnson, Principal of Birmingham’s Parker High School

"Kudos to Rosalie Turner for being courageous enough to step into the mind of another, and for being willing to want to tell the story accurately. As an African American woman, I can say that Rosalie speaks authentically. Thanks for shining a light on the contributions made by the Children Who Marched.”

- Tori Bailey, General Manager of the first African-American licensed radio station in northern Alabama

“In writing this moving and meaningful volume Rosalie Turner has made a significant contribution to the cause of racial reconciliation in our country. With an understanding that has come from her own personal experiences and relationships and her deeply felt commitment to racial justice and healing, she is especially equipped to write this book. It will give everyone who reads it a more enlightened perspective on race relations in America.”

- Former Mississsippi Governor William Winter, William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation

"The story is intense and well structured, and Turner skillfully covers the many nuances of the Movement from all perspectives. Through the distinct voices of two young protagonists, one black and the other white, Rosalie Turner conveys the intense, America-changing events of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama, beginning with the Children's March in 1963. Readers will not only learn about events too long forgotten but also appreciate the subtle nuances that Turner evokes and the reconciliation that she shows is possible."

- Cynthia Levinson, Author of award-winning "We've Got A Job" about the Children's March

"Hopefully one day none of us will have to say 'I'm sorry, I wasn't strong enough to stand up to any injustice perpetrated against another human being'."

- Thelma Ford Gibson, One of the marchers in The Children's March

Cypress Creek Publishing ISBN # 978-0-9792375-5-3

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