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A Special Message from the author: Rosalie T. Turner

Why I wrote MWM:

Dear readers,


I had three main reasons for writing this book.

First, I wanted to write about the Children’s March. I consider it the first of several pivotal events that led our country to finally establish civil rights legislation.The fact that most people in our country today have either forgotten or never knew about the Children’s March was a strong motivation for my book.

The second reason for writing MARCH WITH ME came from meetings within the black and white communities over the past few years. Conversation almost always came to the point of saying that young people today really have no understanding of what life was like before the civil rights movement, and no realization of what that generation went through. Thus, I was determined to write a very readable account of what life was actually like for both blacks and whites during those turbulent years.

My third reason for writing this book, and probably my strongest, is based in my belief in the importance of reconciliation. I have seen across the entire country that while people of different races are integrated, they still miss being connected on a deeper level. In order to make that connection a certain measure of reconciliation must occur. That begins with dialogue.

Perhaps MARCH WITH ME will be a vehicle for that dialogue.

My challenge to you, the reader, is to consider the questions that follow and discuss them with friends, book clubs, etc. My greater challenge is for you to get together with others of another race and have a dialogue to share ideas and understandings.



Cypress Creek Publishing ISBN # 978-0-9792375-5-3

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