Sisters of Valor

A perfect fit for book club or military history discussions; SISTERS OF VALOR reveals the sometimes-forgotten valor of the service wife during the Vietnam War years, told through four very different women who come together and find the support they need. The women grapple with what the Vietnam War meant to us as a country and to them personally.

“This book evokes poignant memories. ‘They also serve who only stand and wait’ these words from the 17th century English writer, John Milton, describe our lives as military wives. Our silent service to our country resonates through the years.”

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“This book evokes poignant memories. ‘They also serve who only stand and wait’ these words from the 17th century English writer, John Milton, describe our livesas military wives. Our silent service to our country resonates through the years.”

– Alma Powell, wife of General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret), former Secretary of State

“Sisters of Valor tugs at the heartstrings; it reminds those of us who fought in Vietnam that our loved ones suffered as much at home as we did in the jungles. Rosalie Turner has captured the essence of loneliness, pride, sisterhood, and
bravery. Her ‘sisters’ are heroines in every sense of the word.”

– Ron Milam, Ph.D., Vietnam Combat Veteran and Interim Director of the Center for War and Diplomacy in the Post-Vietnam War Era, Texas Tech University

“This is a truly amazing book of the Military Wife sisterhood. It doesn’t matter if you are a former spouse, current spouse, or what year you were a military spouse. You will find yourself captivated by the stories of these four woman who had to say good-bye to their husbands as they went off to the Vietnam War. As a military wife 35 years after the Vietnam War ended, I found myself relating to every detail of these women’s lives, as they learned to cope with learning how to deal with things on their own. Kids, house, bills, sadness, lonely nights, holidays, and everything in between. I myself always wondered what it would have been like to be a military spouse in the past. I always assumed it would have been so much different than being a military spouse in today’s world. But it’s not. They faced the same fears, the same obstacles. Nothing has changed but time. This is a MUST read for any military spouse whether past or present. You will not be able to put this book down, and you may, as I did, also find comfort in knowing you are never alone.”

– Bridget M Carlson, USMC Hangout Owner/Founder,

“We hoped, we prayed, but most of all we drew strength from the fact that we were not alone – and our sisterhood of support is what got us through. We were changed as our men were changed. Rosalie captures the moments of agony and growth that we, as young wives, struggled through. Mindful to never again let one day pass without gratitude for a benevolent God who allowed us a future together, and for the future of our sons and daughters with a legacy of valor.”

– Benet Sowden, in memory of her husband Col. Sterling Jon Sowden, USAF Retired, Pilot, Forward Air Controller, Vietnam 1968-1969 Awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross and Bronze Star

“Having served twenty-two years as a United States Marine, I can identify one hundred percent with the message your novel conveys. My wife, Caroline, and I also identified with the trials of separation; during one particular period in our
service, we were apart for twenty-two consecutive months. Telling the story from the perspective of the spouse was genius. We could hardly put the book down; for us, it is a best seller.”

– Caroline and MSgt. Paul Bell, USMC Retired

“A captivating story that realistically depicts the emotional and physical challenges for military spouses of all branches encountered in their day to day life. The dedication and promise that the military spouse gives to their families and loved ones is felt throughout the entire book. For the newest military spouse you will find comfort and guidance in the camaraderie of the characters. For the experienced military spouse you will have a relatable view of hardships and good times. A perfect selection for family readiness groups to enjoy!”

– Elizabeth A. Hoagland, wife of EMC (SS) Roy M. Hoagland, USN

“Sisters of Valor is a heartfelt, must read book about an almost forgotten group – the Vietnam era wife. As a service brat during the Vietnam era (my father served 2 tours) this book completely touched my heart. The reader cannot help but share the loneliness, anger, sadness, joy, and loyal friendship of the characters. The women in the book must hold together their families and themselves in the backdrop of war protesters and the reality of war on their living room TV.
Sometimes gritty, sometimes tragic and sometimes joyful – this book is not only about women with husbands in a controversial war, it is about life… the most important things in life: the support of friends and family. You cannot read this book without a renewed respect for these brave women who survived through a time in our history that we must never forget.”

– Linda M. Coseglia, daughter of CSM Jose L. Trujillo, US Army Retired

“As I read, I could easily put myself in Susan’s place and relate with the other wives so
many times. Military wives kept up with each other by being as close as sisters. Rosalie Turner beautifully and accurately captures the heights and depths of the emotional roller-coaster ride shared by military wives. None who have experienced the long separations during war will get through it with dry eyes. Every military wife should read this book to know that we all have these same thoughts and feelings.”

– LaVeta C. Sanders, wife of Major Richard K. Sanders, USMC Retired

“My husband and I have been married for fifty-seven years with thirty-two years on active duty. It was, and still is, a wonderful life. Rosalie’s description of the feelings of each wife was so real that I could recognize friends in each character. This would be an excellent novel for a service wife to read. No matter what the reason, like it or not, there will come a time when she will join the Sisters of Valor.”

– Martha Lassiter, wife of Col. Stu Lassiter, US Army Retired

“Vietnam consumed the lives of thousands of Americans. ‘Sisters of Valor’ is a novel telling of [four] women coping with the fact that their husbands are fighting the least popular war in American history. A story bringing the chaotic era of the late 1960s to a new perspective, “Sisters of Valor” draws upon the life experience of author Rosalie Turner and brings readers a fine, moving story. “Sisters of Valor” could strike a chord for those with family members currently serving their country abroad.”

– Midwest Book Review,

“I haven’t been moved by a book in years. Probably since Love Story. When I read this book I felt that I knew Susan, Magda, Texanne, and of course Rose (the characters in the book) like they were my friends. I met Rosalie in Angel Fire, NM at the book store Memorial Day weekend. She signed the book and I will treasure it forever. Please read this book to understand what it was like to wait for your husband or loved one during the Vietnam war.”

– Gayle J. Furukawa, Pleasanton, CA

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